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Before this website, I had a different website. That website was and it was dedicated to a brand that I conducted for about six years (2012-2018). I sold over 1,000 t-shirts with my name on them, marketed self-made energy drinks, ran a publishing imprint, gave away a semesterly scholarship fund, and much more. You may remember some of these products and services from previous pages on this website. That's because the brand was at the heart of everything I did during my time in high school, university, and Los Angeles right before I deactivated it shortly after 2018. I decided to abolish the previous brand in favor of a more personal and professional one that you are experiencing right now. You are now viewing the new-age of Austin Robinson. However, I did want to archive the old brand, something of creative and marketing genius that I was applauded for by my peers. Below, you can download a document containing everything I did during the AUSTIN JAMES ROBINSON era.

Finally, if any piece of information on my portfolio piques your interest in any sort of way, feel free to reach out to me via the contact links on the HELLO page.

Thank you for your time!

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